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Owners: Marty Denham, Theresa Denham
Trainers: Theresa Denham
Bend, Oregon

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Juniper Meadow Ranch Marty and Theresa Denham, and Ashley Denham, owners of Juniper Meadow Ranch specialize in naturally gaited 'A' Circuit Tennessee Walking Horses since 1995.
Our breeding program places strong emphasis on walking ability, conformation, and disposition of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Our mares are carefully chosen based on ability barefoot, disposition, and lineage. Our stallion Prides Royal Rendezvous, was selectively bred for excellence in stride, disposition and conformation.. Our previous stallion, Beams Dominator , by Prides Beam has sadly passed on, leaving one stallion colt, sired by our Celebrity's Grace Kelly. Watch for him in the future. His outstanding stride, conformation and disposition will put him in the world rankings with his father Beams Dominator.
Our farm mares include close up breeding such as Ebony Masterpiece, Prides Hallelujah, Mack K, Prides Gold Coin, Supersonic, and Dixie Premiere. These mares are carefully screened, and are selectively bred to ensure only highest quality, versatile foals will be delivered. So far we have achieved our goals with an 86% champion success rate of our Tennessee Walker babies in halter, driving, and riding.
At Juniper Meadow your horses comfort while boarding is very important to us. Horses are stalled in 12 x 12 matted stalls, or 12, x 12 matted stalls with runs. Owners have access to our indoor riding arena (72 x120) , our outdoor riding arena (100 x 250) our 60 foot round pen, cross tie ready areas, and heated wash-rack with hot and cold water.
Available to both boarding and outside clients are riding lessons, taught by Theresa who was ARICP certified in 1997 and teaches english, western and specializes in seat and mechanics of riding. Riding lessons are on your horse or ours. Boarding horses will receive priority in lesson times.
Certified Equine Appraisal
Juniper Meadow Ranch owner, Theresa Denham is also a certified equine appraiser in Bend, OR and travels throughout Oregon. Please contact the ranch if you need your horse appraised for oversea sales, insurance needs, or other legal matters. As an ASEA appraiser in Oregon, Theresa takes the time to make sure your appraisal will have all components required for a legally binding valuation of your horse.

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